How it Works

League manager is an easy to use Online Internet Application. As your league administrator you control all the information your league membership sees.
You would use this service if you:
  • Want to keep your league members up to date on all facets of your league.
    Schedules (regular season and playoffs), schedule changes, standings, league news, etc.
  • Want an easy method to enter your game results and view your league standings.
    No spreadsheets to maintain and download. Enter scores online per your schedule and it's instantly updated.
  • Don't want to be bothered formatting and downloading HTML every day.
The League Manager programs and database provide instant update of information for your league.

Its easy. As your league administrator you:

  • Register your league.
    • Enter your league name.
    • Enter your league administrators name and email address.
    • Select a League ID and Password. This is used by Your league administrator to manage your league. League ID must be unique among all leagues in the League Manager.
Once registration is complete and confirmed you are taken to your League Administraion Menu. Here you can manage:
  • Divisions (at least one)
  • Teams and team contact information
  • Executive members
  • Your home page menu
  • Broadcast messages
  • Sponsors (upload sponsor logos for display on your home page)
  • Your leagues documents (i.e. constitution, budget, etc.)
  • Lost and Found items
  • Suggestions
  • New player requests
You can also:
  • Generate Schedules
  • Re-schedule games
  • Enter game results
  • Bulk email team contacts
A team contact can: (optional)
  • Register as team captain
  • Manage their team roster

  • Enter your League Information.
    • At least one division is required. Indicate the number of regular season games to be played. Number of games is used by the Schedule Generator.
    • Enter all the teams within each division. Provide eMail address for your team contacts where possible. Email notifications are sent to team captains when using the game Re-Scheduler and Bulk Email functions.

  • Generate your regular season schedules.
    • Assign you team preference order.
    • Add Facilities. (parks, fields, arenas etc)
    • Add time slots.
  • Enter your game scores.
  • Generate your playoff schedules.

  • Your league members select from a menu:
    • Standings.
    • Schedules.
    • Teams and Contacts.
      • Team captains can regitser and subsequently log on to manage their rosters on-line.
    • New player registrations.
    • Lost and Found.
    • Suggestions.
    • Links.
    • Your League Executive.

  • Pricing (per season):
    • $100.00 CAD
  • Use League Manager free for 30 days after registering. If you're not satisfied simply let it expire.
    If you want to continue using League Manager you will be directed to our secure online payment service where you can pay by credit card.

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