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Welcome to League Manager.

League Manager is an on-line internet based league management tool.

League Manager is ideal for small to medium sized leagues who don't have access to a web site or web master. League Manager provides your league administrator with the tools to manage your league without knowing internet programming.

The League Manager programs provide real time update to the League Manager databases. Whether you run a Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Football or any league with scores for and scores against, you can take advantage of this service.

It's simple to use:
Register your league.
Set up your League. Create divisions, teams & rosters
Generate your regular season schedule.
Enter game results. (Scores and attendance)
Re-schedule postponed games.
At season end generate a Double Knock-out Playoff tournament.
Other Features:

Help is provided throughout to assist and explain.   

Try it free for 30 days.

League Manager is always seeking the opinions of its users on how to improve their experience on our site. We encourage our users to setup their league and provide us feedback on this very useful tool. You can email your feedback to

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